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WW2 survivor has a message for today

Posted by Sharon McKee on 10 Nov 2016

Tags: survival, Holocaust, Memoir, Second World War, WW2

We are pleased to publish our latest ebook Being Krystyna, the memoir of a Holocaust survivor on Remembrance Day, Friday 11 November.

Krystyna Porsz was just 18 years old and living in Warsaw when Germany invaded. Born Dorca Szafir, to survive the horrendous events that followed Krystyna changed...


Real life writing

Posted by Carol Browne on 22 Nov 2016

Tags: non-fiction, WW2, survival, Holocaust, Second World War, writing, Memoir

When I volunteered to write the life story of local woman, Krystyna Porsz, I was a very reluctant biographer. I did it because no-one else could be found to do it, so I thought, “If I don’t do it, no-one will.” It seemed far too big a responsibility to me but I told Krystyna’s son I’d give it a go....


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